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An introduction to PubMed (Kyushu University version) : Get full text from Cute.LinQ

Using PubMed (Kyushu University version), Kyushu University members can get academic research papers smoothly!

How to find a full text?

When you want to read an article that you have found, then please click the blue icon (Cute.LinQ)!


When you search PubMed, the search result will appear as shown below. You can search for an article this way, but you cannot read the article on this page.


You can see this screen image, when you click the article's title from the search results.

You can see the bibliographic information and abstract of this article.

Next: how can you obtain the full text?

Please click the blue icon (Cute.LinQ) on the field “full text links”





The icons except for Cute.LinQ

Regarding all other icons except for Cute.LinQ, please check this page:

Cute.LinQ: There are 3 ways to obtain the full text

Cute.LinQ will lead you to the full text in 3 ways:

1. Download it as a PDF file directly

2. Print a copy of the full file at the library

3. Print a copy of the full file from other libraries


1. Download the text as a PDF file directly

If Kyushu University has a license to access the electric journal, then you can download the article as a PDF file directly.


When it is not possible to download an article as a PDF file online, then a navigation screen will appear as shown below:


 2. Print a copy of the article at the library : Click the "KyushuUniv Collection" button.

If you cannot download an article in a PDF file, then check our library holdings.

If the library owns a copy of the article, then come to library and make photocopies on your own.

3. Print out a copy of the article from other libraries: Click the "Interlibrary Loan (fee-based)" button.

If you cannot download a PDF file, and our library does not possess a copy of the article, then make an ILL request from another institution.