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炭鉱画像 : Coal Images (九大コレクション): Introduction


Contents of the Database

Tanko-satsu (private paper money of the coal mine)

There is private paper money of the coal mine which was issued by mine operators. They aiso had been called Kinken, Tanken or Yamafuda. Our collection contains paper money of the coal mine in the broad sense of the term.

Picture postcard of coal mine

They contain the landscape painting of the coal mine from prewar days to postwar days.

Coal mine map

There are maps and geological maps of coal mine. You can click an image to see a larger version.

Photographs in Chikuho Sekitan Kogyo Kumiai Geppo (The Monthly Newsletter of Mining Partnership of Chikuho)

They are photographs in the latter period of Meiji Era in Chikuho Sekitan Kogyo Kumiai Geppo (The Monthly Newsletter of Mining Partnership of Chikuho ). You can see modern constructions.

Miike (organ paper)

The organ paper of Mitsui-Miike Labor Union.

Sekitan Kogyo Gojo-kai Ho (the organ paper of the Mutual-aid Association of coal mine)

The organ paper of the Sekitan Kogyo Gojo-kai (Mutual-aid Association of coal mine, id est group of small and medium-sized coal-mining industry ).

Chikuho Sekitan Kogyo Kumiai Tokei-hyo (the statistical table of the Mining Partnership of Chikuho)Statistical tables about the mining industry.

Statistical tables about the mining industry.

Nittan-Takamatsu Shinbun (the newspaper of the Nittan-Takamatsu Coal Mine)

The newspaper of the Nittan-Takamatsu Coal Mine. It was first launched in 1936.

Kaigun Nenryo Enkaku

They contains history of information about the fuel of the Imperial Japanese Navy, from the Meiji Era to Taisho Era.

Kenkyu Jikkenn Kiho / Kenkyu Jikken Koumoku / Sagyo keika / Kenkyu Jikken Seiseki Hokoku / Kenkyu Jikken Bucho Uchiawase-kaigi Teishutu Genjo Hokoku

There are research reports issued by the department of fuel, the Imperial Japanese Navy. You can see these confidential material at only this database.

Honpo Gaika-sai Kankei Shiryo

There are relevant documents of The Japanese Bond in Foreign Currency (Title 2 bonds and mortgage), issued by the finance department of Japan.

Update Introduction

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  • 2008.6.18 Appeared in morning edition of the Asahi. 
  • 2008.6.5 All images classified. Documents about Kaigun Nenryo ("Tokei-hyo", "Enkaku", "Kiho", " Koumoku",  "Keika", "Seiseki", "Uchiawase") and "Gaika-sai" added. 
  • 2008.5.29 Appeared in evening edition of the Yomiuri. 
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  • 2008.4.2 "Miike" added. 
  • 2008.4.1 System update.  "Coal mine map" added.


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