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History of Origami: Let's Make Origami!

Let's go on the journey with us to see the Origami's history from the past to the present.

0. Origami Now!

As mentioned on THIS page, Origami is used for various purposes in daily life.
Some people enjoy Origami as their hobby and other people who suddenly need to make Origami.
On this page, let's see Origami instructional content on various platforms.

1. Read Books

To master Origami, reading books is the easiest step.
There are some types in books on Origami as follows.

  • Books for kids
  • Books for elderly
  • Books for practice
  • Books in foreign languages
  • Books for Origami enthusiasts
  • Books on Origami science
  • Et cetera

2. Use Online Contents

  • Watch websites

Nowadays, there are many websites which show us how to make Origami.

When you learn Origami on the Internet, useful functions will help you.
For example, it is easy to search models by using search engines.
Some websites tag each model with keywords or levels, which makes it easy for you to pick up models.
When you watch the site, you can easily change the size of images on the screen as you like, which is impossible on books.

Orizuru. (2 September, 2021). In Wikipedia.

  • Watch videos

In addition, many instructional videos are available online.
When you read books of Origami, sometimes you have to guess the relationship between images and imagine how the sheet moves. Some of you might feel it difficult to do such a thing.
When you watch videos, you can easily understand the movements of the sheet, which gives you much help.

Urasoe City Hall [浦添市役所]. (22 May, 2018).
折り鶴の折り方 (How to make Orizuru).

There are videos not only in Japanese but also in other languages.

Jo Nakashima [Origami with Jo Nakashima]. (29 April, 2018).

  • But…

Except for classical models, all Origami models have intellectual property rights including copyright.
However, it is a pity that there are some contents on the internet that pay less attention to those rights properly.
We need to respect models and their creators by choosing content that respects those rights.