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History of Origami: Home

Let's go on the journey with us to see the Origami's history from the past to the present.

日本語版はこちら>>> 折り紙の歴史と現在

Welcome to the Origami World

[0-1] Orizuru (Paper Crane)

The Art only by Folding…

How do you feel if you can make everything just by folding a sheet of paper?
Origami is the art, in which you can make various things only by folding.
It is so easy that Origami is enjoyed by a wide range of people, from small children to the elderly.
Also, Origami is getting popular not only in Japan but also all around the world.

Sometimes, Origami is thought to be one of the symbols of Japanese culture.
In the old ages, how did Japanese people enjoy Origami?
Historical documents show us how Origami developed in the past.
And it is not only the story of Japanese history but also the course of global history.

In addition to the past, the present day's Origami is also in the course of evolution.
Beyond children's play, Origami is developing in terms of art and science.

Now, let's go on the journey with us to see the Origami's history from the past to the present.

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Special Thanks

Kyushu University Library and Kyushu University International Students Center held international communication events in the winter of 2018, 2019, and 2020.
They were 'Origami workshop' and I, the author of this article, took part in as an instructor.
In the events, students from many countries got together and learned how to make Origami models.
The events were good opportunities for students to communicate with each other and to learn Japanese culture.
In the workshops, I had a lecture about the history of Origami.
The contents of this article are based on the lecture there.
I would like to thank the staffs of International Students Center and the students who enjoyed the lecture at the events.


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