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How to Access E-Journals and Databases from Off-Campus: Home

This is a way for current Kyushu University students, faculty, and staff to access databases, e-journals, and e-books subscribed by Kyushu University from outside the campus, such as from home or on a business trip.


I want to find the book I need for my report,
but I don't have time to go to the library...

I want to use paid databases such as Scopus,
Web of Science, JapanKnowledge, etc. from home!






Even from off-campus, you can access databases,
e-books, and e-journals subscribed by Kyushu University!


▶How to use database from off-campus?
▶How to read e-books and e-journals from off-campus?


日本語版/Japanese Version

Matters that require attention

The services described here are only available to members of Kyushu University. These services are not available to alumni and non-members.

Not all subscribed content is made available from off-campus. E-journals and bibliographic databases have detailed terms and conditions of use defined by contract, and only content that is contractually allowed to be accessed from off-campus is covered.

The downloading of large quantities of electronic journals and other content is prohibited regardless of whether the act is intentional or negligent. Please be aware that any violation of this rule may result in the suspension of access not only to the user in question, but also to the entire university, and may cause significant damage. For details, please refer to "Fair Use of E-Journals and E-Books" here.