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For International Students: Journals/eJournals

This guide supports international students.

Search the Collections

  • You can access journals or ejournals that Kyushu University possesses and has contracts by using Collections
  • Enter "journal's title" on the search box not article's title or keywords.



  • If you want to search articles by keyword, see "Databases".

How to read volume and number information


  • 1-10: The library possesses volume from 1 to 10, all numbers.
  • 11(1-5, 7-8): The library possesses volume 11, number from 1 to 5, and from 7 to 8, which means we do not possesses volume 11, number 6.
  • 12-35: The library possesses volume from 12 to 35, all numbers.
  • 36(1-2)+: The library possesses volume 36, number 1 and 2. + means subscribing, so volume 36, number 3 would be delivered soon.