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For International Students: Access Full-text

This guide supports international students.

What is LinQ?


  • LinQ is a navigation service (link resolver) that Kyushu University provides.
  • It displayed on many databases
  • It guides you to a full-text
  • How to use? -> Just click the LinQ icon on a database

How does LinQ work?


Pattern 1 (Access full-text)

  • Navigation windows launches, and click "Full-text". 

Pattern 2 (Navigation Windows Lauches)

  • Step A (Search for printed journals)
    • LinQ automatically search on "Collections" whether Kyushu University posesses printed journals.
    • If we have them, you can read articles by visiting the libraries.
  • Step B (Request to other libraries)
    • Printed material can be ordered to other libraries.
    • Basically, it is a fee-based service, but we provide a subsidy under some conditions. See here for details.