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For International Students: Reference Management

This guide supports international students.

Organize articles

  • Reading article is very important when you write reports, articles, and dissertations, and you need to find a specific article when it is necessary. There are many software products for reference management that allow you to organize your materials. 
  • Kyushu University recommends Mendeley because Kyushu University Users can use institutional version, which has a number of advantages.
  • Mendeley allows you to
    • Organize articles
    • Create a reference list automatically


Mendeley Guide: Help guide by Mendeley

Migration Guide: How to migrate from other reference softwares

▼Official Introduction Video

There are many useful Mendeley instruction videos on the official YouTube channel of Mendeley.

How to upgrade to Institutional Version?

Kyushu University members can use the institutional version of Mendeley, which has a 100GB storage. (Normal version has a 2 GB storage.) To update,

  • Just login on the university's network such as kitenet.
  • After 12 months from the last login on the university's network, your account will be downgraded.