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For International Students: Cute.Guides

This guide supports international students.

What's Cute.Guides?

Cute.Guides are web-based learning guides provided by Kyushu University Library.
Library TA (Cuter) and library staff wrote them, and you can access all of them.


Unfortunately, most of them are written in Japanese. Try them!!

Cute.Guides top page (Japanese)

>For visitors from the Cute.Guide top page in Japanese,
This is a holistic guide for international students about the Kyushu University Library. Let's see other pages by clicking the tabs on the top.

Library TA (Cuter)

Library TA (Cuter) consists of graduate students qualified as "Advanced Teaching Assistant" in Kyushu University, who support out-class learnings with their specialized knowledge and experiences. They work in Central, SciTech, and Medical Library.

Most guides were created by Library TA (Cuter) as one of their works.

They answer your questions on lectures, university life, and so on in the learning support desks, which is, however, not available due to the spread of the coronavirus.
In addition, you can send a question to Library TA (Cuter) via webform, and they try to respond to it.

Cute.Guides written by international students

Cute.Guides written in English

The guides above are written in English.