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看護/医療系学生・英語のすすめ English for Nursing / Medical student: Cherry on the cake おまけコラム②

将来は海外で働いてみたい!?医療英語の授業は苦手!?論文を英語で書きたい!? そんな看護学生や医療従事者を目指す学生へ英語のすすめ。おまけのアメリカ体験コラム付き。

Experience in the US アメリカ体験記


Entry into the US②


The light was turned on before 2hours to L.A. on the airplane. Then immediately... what!?!? 


I was sharing a amall blanket with the girl next to me.


However, I did not surprise because I got used to those surprises from her. I somehow started understanding her English and communicating with her around that time.


She was revealed she was from Singapore and studing business in the univaerity in the US. I felt if people struggle to survive and talk, they can learn survival language soon.


After for a while, the immigration card was distributed by the attendant. ugh. I have no idea..


I was struggling to fill in the form. Then she realized I was in trouble and wrote everything for me. Moreover, she helped me everything about the visa procedure.


Then, immigration. The immigration officer asked me details about the visa. and I struggled. She went through the immigration already but came back for helping.


First, I thought she was wired girl, but now she is Goddess!!


She transfered the airplane in this airport, so we said good-bye here.(※1)


Now time to see my host family. I waited 1 hour, 2 hours , 3 hours from the meeting time.


They had not come. I called, I emaile, but no answer. Well... What can I do next...


They finaly came but 6 hours belated arrival. They said it was my fault because I didn't call.


There are many kinds of people in the US, I guessed. Anyway I could got into the US. It's alright!!


※1) The girl is still my good friend. I asked her why she very kindly helped me a lot. She answered that she loves sushi, sushi = Japanese. ummm interesting reason. but anyway I appreciate it!!

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