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★英語論文の読み方: Abstract

論理展開を意識して “質の高い” 論文の読み方を身につけましょう!







We recommend that effective abstracts include the following elements: (1) a brief background of the question, while avoiding common yet information-poor clauses stating that a certain process has not been well understood; (2) a description of the results and approaches/model systems framed in the context of their conceptual interest; and (3) an indication of the broader significance of the work. (略)The description and interpretation of findings should be able to convey the study's interest and importance.



Cellのほかにも、natureの投稿規定(1.1 Articles のところ)には

It is aimed at readers outside the discipline. This summary contains a paragraph (2-3 sentences) of basic-level introduction to the field; a brief account of the background and rationale of the work; a statement of the main conclusions (introduced by the phrase 'Here we show' or its equivalent); and finally, 2-3 sentences putting the main findings into general context so it is clear how the results described in the paper have moved the field forwards.

とあるようにAbstractには、基礎的なイントロ、研究の根拠、結論('Here we show'とか使って書くといいよ、とまで書かれています)と今後の展望、を含めるよう指示されています。